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    There are many reasons to jailbreak.. some more respectable than others. First, let me say that jailbreaking is perfectly legal. Apple does not support this and you will void any warranty you have but as far as the law is concerned, you purchased the phone and can do whatever you want with it. Apple just does not have to give you support if you mess it up. Some people are under the illusion that jailbreaking is against the law. Now that is over and done with, why should you?

    The biggest reason is customization. Apple makes their phones work very well but because of that you can not customize alot of things. When you jailbreak, you can change fonts, have moving backgrounds, have different lock screens and even have a couple widgets.

    There are some apps that need WiFi to work right. Facetime for example. If you jailbreak your device you can trick your phone into thinking its in Wifi and those apps will be able to work. I have kids and my family lives across the country and being able to facetime wherever i am with my kids to my family without having to be in Wifi is awesome.

    Check out youtube of videos and tutorials on how to jailbreak. I have always loved my iphone but now i love it even more with the millions of options jailbreaking has opened up to me.

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    Re: Why Jailreak your phone?

    I think everyone should jailbreak their iphone/ipad You get awesome apps that are not supported within the apple store!!! How to jailbreak ipad 3 has a great list of the best Cydia apps. Check it out.

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