It is everyone’s thought to enjoy videos without so many unsharp pictures or vague sounds/dubbed segments. Thus HD video formats are taking an increasingly popular position among so many videos. However, HD video also brings inconvenience. Sometime it cannot be edit on common video editing programs; sometimes, the usage of some certain hd formats are so limited that they cannot be supported by popular portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, Sansa, Zune, Creative Zen. How to play these videos on your potable device and what is the best soft for converting HD videos to iPhone/iPad supported HD videos?

First Recommendation –Best Mac HD Converter

As the best Mac HD Converter, This HD Converter can not only convert videos among HD formats, but also convert bundles of general standard video formats to HD formats. It can also extract audio from video. Besides, in order to help users keep the video quality after conversion, this Mac HD Converter is also designed with detailed settings for resolution, video bitrate and frame rate and so on. In comment with video settings, audio settings is also provides audio bitrate, sample rate and so forth. Moreover, this HD Converter for Mac provides full editing function to enables users to self-decide the way for editing videos: trim to slips, crop screen area, add watermark or modify video effect. In a word, it is bound to be the best choice for users to convert HD as well as SD videos to video/audio with best quality.

Second recommendation- HD Converter for Mac

This HD Converter for Mac, owning the intuitive and user-friendly interface enables users to convert video easily. It provides two ways for you to display these added videos. Besides, the vivid add and edit button for users to load as well as adjust videos more intuitively. Furthermore, this hd video converter for Mac also provides preview function for users to preview videos after editing videos and so on. If you want to edit all videos with the same format, you can also click “Apply to all” after to make all these added video with the same output format. In all, the intuitive feature and preview are the best merits for this HD converter for Mac.

Third Recommendation- Mac HD Converter

This Mac HD Converter is well-known for its vivid or cute interface and it is caters for young people who likes colors. Plus, this Mac HD Converter provides merge function to help users to merge several short video clips into one. You can also take control of the video audio with the move up and down button. Rename is another feature for this Mac HD converter as it can help you correct the output video name. Moreover, if you want to capture pictures from videos, you can also use the snapshot button. Or rather, if you want to get one converter with vivid interface or snapshot picture you can use it.

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