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    iOS 6 is jam packed with all new features!
    -New Safari features including iCloud tabs and offline reading list
    -Siri now available on the iPad 2. Also, Siri can give you sports scores, movie times and restaurant information. It can not post on Facebook and Twitter for you.
    -New Maps designed by Apple. New turn by turn directions and Flyover view
    -Moon Icon in corner when Do Not Disturb option enabled
    -More emoticons available.
    -New font on Weather app
    -iPad gets new default;t clock app
    -iPad world clock app now shows city temperature
    -Keyboard a lighter color
    -Camera app has darker bottom and black shutter button
    -iTunes and App store icons different
    -Photo Stream in tab instead of album
    -Bluetooth on/off toggle now directly at top the setting next to Wifi
    -Music app look changed
    -Installed apps now say "open" instead of "installed" and tapping on it will open the app
    -Apps get blue ribbon in corner after updated
    -Downloading an app no longer sends you home

    Check out more features on my site

    See More: iOS 6 Features

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    Re: iOS 6 Features

    iOS 6 is the latest operating system by Apple which can useful for iPhone and iPad. This includes an amazing 3D graphic map for searching any location and use GPS system. iOs 6 has all features of its old versions of operating systems.
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    Re: iOS 6 Features

    iOS 6 gives you more features to make the things you do every day even better. It’s coming this fall, and it’s free and easy to upgrade wirelessly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — the moment it’s available.
    Maps, siri, Facebook,Passbook, Facetime, Accessibility,Mail, safari are many features supported be apple ios 6

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    Re: iOS 6 Features

    IOS 6 is latest operating system by Apple which can useful for iphone and ipad. IOS 6 is JAM packed with all new features!- Maps, Siri, Facebook, Passbook, Facetime, Safari, Mail, Photo Stream, Keyboard a lighter color and others features available.

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    Re: iOS 6 Features

    This could get a guy really excited, but I wonder if they will still support the 3rd Gen iPod touch with this release?

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