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    Can anyone please list the steps that I need to take in order to activate my new 3G iPhone? Also, (this should be a given, but just to be clear) I would also like instructions on how to make sure internet, email, etc. works as well, lol. ST Customer Service is worthless and the managers are a joke, I would really hate to have to speak with them to complete ANY of this.. Thank-you in advance!

    See More: Switch from an E71 Nokia with Straighttalk (ST) At&t to an iphone 3G 8GB unlocked GSM with ST

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    Re: Switch from an E71 Nokia with Straighttalk (ST) At&t to an iphone 3G 8GB unlocked GSM with ST

    You can purchase the correct SIM card through Hildretech by clicking here. Make sure you choose the Micro-SIM if that is what your phone takes. We recommend you choose the AT&T SIM card for use with an AT&T iPhone.

    The cost is $59.99, including the SIM card and the first month of service. Each additional month is just $45.

    If you want to port your number, you can specify that when you activate your phone.

    After you insert the SIM card, talk and text should start working immediately. You might need to set up APN settings to get Internet working.

    To do this, please go to Unlockit - APN Changer for your iPhone when connected to WiFi.

    Then, select "Continue".

    After that, select "Custom APN".

    For your country, choose "United States".

    Then, choose "Straight Talk" for the carrier.

    Finally, choose "Create Profile" and install the profile.

    After that, everything should be working on your iPhone on Straight Talk, except for picture messaging (MMS) which might require "jailbreaking" the iPhone.

    To purchase the SIM card and to get started, click here.

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