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Apple has just dropped the beta 4 for iOS 6 to developers, for non-developers but who want to try it, here is a way to install it without a developer account or an activated UDID. This tutorial works for all devices that can run iOS 6.

Note: This verion of firmware is still full of loopholes and bugs, so think over beore you updated it. However, if you just happend to have two device or other backup, just go aheard!

Step 1. Update iTunes to the most recent version

Step 2. Restore to iOS 5.1.1 by clikcing restore in iTunes holding (Alt - Mac) (Shift - PC) and clicking restore. Locate your devices 5.1.1 (which can be obtained here)

Step 3. Go through the steps to start using your device.

Step 4. Holding (Alt - Mac) (Shift - PC) click check for update in iTunes and locate your iOS 6 beta firmware (which can be obtained here)


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