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    I found Keri Racing and I really like it. It has a great mixture of farming, racing and feels like an RPG because you can level up and stuff. I really like it and think it's fun, especially since you can play the game online with other players. You can take your pet that you have raised and then take it to the grand prix and race with other people online. The game is here if you want to play with me: App Store - Keri Racing

    Just send me a message on here and we will play! Now I'm thinking about what other games would be fun to play online with people. I'm sort of new to this, so I was wondering if maybe you all could help me out and name some really fun games? Thanks!

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    Re: What's the best online games to play?

    They should make a character that looks a little bit like cloud. They already have the chocobos copied. haha

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