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    Hi- My friend tried updating my iphone while it was plugged into her computer. I didn't know she was doing this and when I unplugged my phone from her computer - it was completely restored to new. All my information (texts contacts pics apps EVERYTHING) apparently was erased. Now I don't know the exact steps to take when I go back later and plug my phone into her computer. .. I am assuming I need to stay away from backing it up again since all my old stuff (stuff I need back on my phone) will be replaced with anything I added onto it today.

    Basically.. I need everything back on my phone. Her computer does show that it backed up my phone at a certain time and date so I'm assuming it's all there and that I just need to somehow log into my own account in itunes. I just want to make sure I take the correct steps in doing this and some how don't erase it all forever or not get it back ONTO my phone.

    THANK YOU!!!! In Advance.

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    Re: accidently backed up/restored phone

    You just need to plug it in. it will sync whatever is stored on your itunes. I don't think texts will be restored, but contacts should. it will always look for the most recent version of the data. if there is no data, itunes forwards its database on the device. There is no way for a completely blank phone to remove data from itunes

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