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    Re: iPhone 4 got wet

    Quote Originally Posted by irene01 View Post
    you have to send it to apple store to repair,although it will cost you much
    How much do they usually charge?

    SquareTrade is another option.

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    Re: iPhone 4 got wet

    I think you need to see a technician for this. Some spare parts are needed to be changed. The next time you get a phone, make sure that it has a case to avoid incidents like this.

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    Re: iPhone 4 got wet

    Quote Originally Posted by avenue View Post
    Have you been able to use a touchscreen phone through the plastic bag?
    Yes, I do that on a regular basis. I'm a biker living in New England. I keep the iPhone in a quart zip-lock in my inside jacket pocket if it looks like rain. Can't talk on it through the bag, but the touch screen works just fine.

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