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    Nicholas shied
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    Re: Making Ringtones for iPhone

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    See More: Making Ringtones for iPhone

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    Re: Making Ringtones for iPhone

    I use online audio converters from mp3 to m4a, they also allow you to cut a fragment and than render the m4a file, that you can download to your PC and transfer it to your phone via iTunes.

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    Re: Making Ringtones for iPhone

    You can also choose ringtone from your iPhone, there are many choice.

    Go to Setting--Sounds--Sounds and Vibration Pattern, then find ringtone, there are many kinds of ringtone there, you can try each of them and choose the one you like.

    If you want to customize a ringtone for your iPhone, you'll need to download it from some ringtone maker app.

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    Re: Making Ringtones for iPhone

    There are also some websites that make it super easy to make ringtones for iPhones. I usually use Audio Trimmer to make ringtones and it always works great for me.

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    Re: Making Ringtones for iPhone

    Generally, we'll use default ringtone. and we can change it by going to Setting--Sounds--Sounds & Vibration Pattern, then you can find rings there and change it.

    also we can customize our ringtone for iPhone, but you will need to rely on some software for help, like Ringtone Maker, Ringtone Maker Free, Ringtones Free ect.

    And for more article about ringtone, you can check below article for reference:

    Set iPhone X Reflection Ringtone on other iPhone

    How to Change Vibration of Ringtone on iPhone

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