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    I can use a iphone of verizon without sim card with T-Mobile

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    Re: Iphone 4

    I am user of Nokia mobile phone now have to plan to purchase Apple iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII. Any one can tell me which one is better Apple iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII

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    Re: Iphone 4

    I've been using an iPhone for years now, and I am a new Android user. You can't compare them because each has its own strength and weaknesses. It depends on what you really want on your phone. iPhone is a very simple phone that works seamlessly, no doubt about it. You have so many good apps to choose from, and it's more durable than the SIII in terms of the build.

    If you're into customization and freedom to do more with your phone, and want more storage, then go with the SIII. It's not as durable as the iPhones, but you can always be careful in handling it. Get a hard or a silicone case to protect it. If you're already an iPhone user, there really isn't much difference on the iPhone 5. Improved features of course. However, I was amazed of what I could do with my NoteII, and I think it's the same with the SIII. It's more organized and an amazingly power phone.

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