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    I have the ATT shared data plan which includes the HotSpot. It is a great feature when it works. My wife's 4S does a great job but my 5 is spotty at best. It sometimes takes 5 minutes to connect to my laptop and then it might tell you that it is connected but have to internet. You finally get it to connect to the internet and all might be good for 30 minutes then lose connection. The 4S connects fast and stays connected.

    Has anyone else ran into this problem and it so what can be done to make it more reliable?

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    Re: iPhone 5 HotSpot

    Hey Don - From what I've read this may be a hardware issue. You may want to think about swapping it for a new one.

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    Re: iPhone 5 HotSpot

    Do both devices have the same iOS version? I previously read issues on the dropping wifi connection on iPhone 5, and it was with the iOS 6.1.2 issue. Do you have the same problem when you connect to another wifi? If connecting to another WIFI works, then you may need to update your router/modem's firmware. I used to have the same problem with my 4S, and I had my ISP replace my modem, and that worked. Furthermore, make sure that you don't have any battery saving app that is dropping your WIFI connection.

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    Re: iPhone 5 HotSpot

    This has nothing to do with connecting TO wifi but being able to tether a computer or tablet to it via the hotspot generated by the phone. After a while I have concluded that it works sometimes and sometimes it does not. The only sure way is to connect the phone to the computer by the sync/charging lighting cable. It will work that way all the time.

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