Recently I found Passwarden app for storing passwords on iPhone.

Gave it a shot because it was free, but when installed, was surprised that I only get 10 records to store for free. If you need more - you have to pay (1$ for each 10).

But 10 is ridiculous! I have about 200 passwords I want to store on my iPhone, because it already gets impossible to remember so much information.

So here is what I found. If you delete the app and then install it again, sign in with an existing account and you get 10+10=20 records. Repeat the procedure and you get 30, 40, 50. and unlimited number of records to store. So I hit 1000 and stopped.

The app is worth spending 20 minutes to get the most of it!

P.S. There are iPad and Mac versions as well, and they are also free... so you get the whole pack!

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