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    According to Cult of Mac (When Will The Next iOS 7 Beta Arrive? When Will iOS 7 Be Released? [iOS 7 Timeline] | Cult of Mac), iOS 7 Beta 2 can come out as soon as this upcoming Monday (June 24, 2013). This date is not certain and Apple can experience the same delays they had with iOS 7 Beta 1, but it is still pretty certain that iOS 7 Beta 2 is coming out very soon.
    Thus, we recommend you to check our friends’ website UDiDFree.com. UDiDFree.com can register your device’s UDID absolutely free. UDID registration is very important because only registered devices can be upgraded to iOS Betas incuding iOS 7 Beta 2. Thus, do not hesitate and register your device to be prepared for the upcoming iOS 7 Beta 2 release.
    It is very easy to register your UDID with UDiDFree.com. All you need for the registration is your device’s UDID and the completion of one free or paid TrialPay offer. TrialPay is an international website that has partnered with many vendors to provide free products to you as the way of saying thank you for the completion of their offers. You can complete any offer you like. Once you complete the offer, UDiDFree.com will register your device with Apple’s developer account. UDID is a 40 character alphanumeric code that is used to uniquely identify Apple devices. If you do not know your device’s UDID, you can easily get it by downloading one of many free UDID application or by synching your device with iTunes.
    As mentioned above the registration process with UDiDFree.com is very quick and fully automated. You do not need to have any specific technical knowledge in order to do it.
    Thus, do not wait any longer and register your device’s UDID with UDiDFree.com to be prepared for the upcoming iOS 7 Beta 2 release.

    See More: Free UDID Registration for iOS 7 Beta 2
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