iOS 7 Beta 5 has been out for a week and if you have not upgraded to it yet, make sure to visit our friends at makes it extremely easy to upgrade to iOS 7 Beta 5. offers a free registration of Apple UDID. At anyone who owns a computer connected to the Internet can register his or her device’s UDID within a few minutes.

If you want to get this awesome free deal, you will need to complete one TrialPay offer and know your device’s UDID. If you do not know your device’s UDID, make sure to sync your device with iTunes in order to get it or you can always download one of many free UDID applications available today. UDID is a unique code containing 40 alphanumeric characters that is used to identify Apple devices. After the TrialPay offer is successfully completed, your device will be immediately registered with Apple’s developer account. TrailPay is an international website where participating merchants give away free services and products to the customers who complete their offers.
iOS 7 Beta 5 is the latest Beta version that has improved features such as new AirPlay icons, more Yahoo presence, a new Twitter icon, the ability to disable Control Center while using applications and many others. also unlocks iPhones free of charge.

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