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    My iPhone 5 must get charged at least 3X/day even on days when I shut the Apps off. This has been happening since day 1 but after 6 months; it's getting worse. The battery can't seem to hold a charge. Also, the unit gets very hot whenever charging as does the cable. This also happened with my older iPhone 3S as well. Do all phones get hot and lose their charge so quickly? Also strange is that when I attempt to use a replacement cable, a yellow warning appears on-screen saying that the unit can't use that cable. How does the unit know that it's not the original cable? Finally, the camera needs a backlight control as faces get washed-out against a bright sky and the colors are dull. Bright red autumn leaves appear dull brown.

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    Re: Why iPhone 5 Gets Hot?

    Have you installed any apps that would cause the phone to search for a data connection? Do you use wifi a lot?

    What are you using the cable that gives you the error for? Charging?

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    Re: Why iPhone 5 Gets Hot?

    Under heavy use it will do especially if playing intensive games. If it is getting hot and draining battery when your not doing much with it then there is probably something stuck running in the background. You can do a soft reset (which won't lose anything) but will clear current memory. Hold the power and home buttons down at the same time. Keep them held down past the shut off screen and ONLY release when the apple logo appears.

    That generally does the trick.

    if still it doesn't resolve the issue get it checked by a iphone repair center. i am sure they have certified engineers for apple products who are efficient to solve these kinds of issues.
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    Re: Why iPhone 5 Gets Hot?

    Did you turn on your GPS? It seems that some application is running background which consumes a lot of power.

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