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    It was a great idea getting an Iphone 4 back when I traveled a lot and used the apps and media features daily. But now things have changed and I spend most of my time at home and have no need for a data plan at all - And now that my contract is up I am certainly not going to keep paying $83 a month when all I need is talk and text - So.. I am left with a few choices:

    A. I cancel Verizon and just get a cheap flip phone and get a cheap talk+text plan and just use my iphone as an Ipod touch.

    B. I find way to use the phone on another carrier - But the internet has confusing feedback on this question with some people saying its impossible because the Verizon Iphone 4 has no SIM card and is a CDMA phone which Verizon pretty much has control over.

    C. I try to jailbreak it so I can switch carriers and take a chance on future problems and how that will effect my Itunes library.

    D I hope like hell that Verizon will soon change their policy and allow people who OWN their smartphone to simply not have a data plan at all and just charge people for text and talk - I can understand forcing customers who subsidized their phones to have a data plan but forcing those of us who own their phone to do so is just plain greedy.

    If anyone has any comments or advice I would be glad to hear them


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    Re: Is there some way to use a Verizon Iphone 4 on another carrier?

    Unfortunately the Verizon version of the iPhone 4 is specific to Verizon. The 4s changed that and can be used on different carriers because it is GSM and CDMA. The 4 is CDMA only.

    It's unlikely that Verizon is going to stop requiring data for smartphones since smartphones are only becoming more popular year over year.

    If I were you I would sell the phone on ebay or another cell phone trading site.

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