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    Well, Apple is all about combining form and function. When it comes to the Mac Mini, its form IS its function. The small size allows it to fit just about anywhere in your home. You can slide it into a desk drawer if you like, so long as you provide it with adequate cooling in there.Now, it's just a whole lot easier, and the Mac Mini is one of the top choices for anyone looking to convert their home theatre over to a full digital setup. Combined with Bluetooth and Wifi, a Mini, a big screen TV and a lightning fast internet connection will provide you with essentially all of the entertainment you'll ever need.The Mac Mini is a very powerful computer, despite its small physical size. The Mac mini also comes with a great deal of software already loaded.You can choose the best one for your need.

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    Re: the useful of Mac Mini

    ok, seems interesting. But how about keyboard and mouse?

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    Re: the useful of Mac Mini

    Interesting, I don't think I have seen one of them before. It looks expensive though at $599. I'd prefer getting a Windows computer for less money.

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