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    Many people are uninformed, and don't know what to do after getting a message "Your Iphone is now unlocked" from an unlocking company.

    The problem is that the e-mail doesn't give all the information and doesn't inform the user what to do now.

    In a situation like this, the user must somehow connect their Iphone to the Apple servers.

    It can be done by using two methods.

    1. Try to turn on your wifi connection and the phone will unlock itself without any problems.

    2. If you cannot find wifi connection, than You might want to try, a second option. You must download or install the Itunes application

    You can get it here:

    When the application is succesfully instaled, you must connect your Iphone by cable to a computer with working internet. Turn on Itunes application, and

    that's it the your phone is succesfully unlocked.

    We hope that you will find this information helpfull.

    If you want to unlock your Iphone, you might want to try our website sim-unlock-net/Iphone.

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