If you are a proud owner of an Iphone, you might want to consider unlocking your phone when your contract expires which You can do right here:


To make your unlocking experience easier here is the necessery information to unlock your phone.

The first thing we need is an IMEI number which you can find in the settings of the phone, or press the "I" letter on the unlock screeen above the slider.

The second and more important thing is choosing the correct network in which the phone is locked.

If You don't this information, because you ordered the phone on ebay, or received it as a gift you can check you network here: Iphone/network-check.

If for some reason you cannot choose your network there is one more solution for you.

This method includes models: Iphone 4, 8 GB, Iphone 4s 16 GB it doesnt work with other models.

For those two specific models you can use a worldwide service: worldwide-service/Iphone

We hope that You will find this information usefull when you will unlock your phone.

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