If you ever had to switch from android to iPhone like me (iPhone was a Christmas present ) then you know how long it can take to copy across all your contacts.
There are more than 200 on my phone so I thought "no way I'm spending hours doing it, there must be a quick way" and I've actually found it...

On the android device:
go to the Contacts, tap the menu and there should be something like export/backup. Tap that and it will ask where you want to export them if to a file or to your google account. Select the google account and in a couple of minutes all your contacts will be stored online in your gmail account.

On the iPhone:
go to the settings tap on mail, contacts, calendar then add account then other. Add a CardDav account using your details, the server name is google.com.

Give it five minutes or so to sync everything and you should have all your contacts back. If you're slow it takes 15mins, much less than those hours I would have spent doing it manually!

Hope it helps

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