Welcome to part 2 on how to fix the battery life issues that you may be having with your iOS device since the iOS 7 / 7.1 update. In "Part 1" we've tried to determine whether or not you actually experience issues with your device's battery, or if you're experiencing low battery life due to "misuse". If those tips & tricks haven't helped, then you might want to give the following steps a try.

Before you continue however, you need to determine whether your battery life issues are actually real. To do so, click this link to visit "Part 1". Once you've determined that your battery drains abnormally, return here and perform the steps below.

Temporarily Disabling Push Email:

Push email enables your smartphone to receive notifications instantly, or shortly after you receive a new email. This is a great feature and it comes in handy, but it can also hit your phone's battery really hard if you receive numerous emails a day.

Keep in mind that push email notifications are not the cause of low battery life in all situations. In certain cases, push email will not negatively affect your battery, while in other cases (depending on your email settings or server settings), push email can be the prime cause of battery drainage.

To temporarily disable push email, go to "Settings" > "Mail, Contacts and Calendars" > "Fetch new Data". Set your phone to "Fetch" emails at higher time intervals, such as every hour, or every 30 minutes.

Oftentimes in the case of Exchange push email, your phone can get stuck in a loop, while constantly checking for new email. Please consider this as well, when temporarily disabling pus email.

Enabling Airplane Mode:

As you might already know, enabling airplane mode will disable your cellular service. This defeats the purpose of owning a phone, so what I'm suggesting is not to keep Airplane Mode enabled at all times. However, when you're in areas with no or very poor cellular coverage, it's recommended that you enable Airplane mode.

When your smartphone enters an area with poor or no coverage, the device will actually boost the antenna's strength. This can absolutely destroy your phone's battery life, and it can die in just a few hours.

You should also remember that, even though Airplane mode is enabled, you can always enable Wi-Fi and receive emails or messages from services that don't require cellular connectivity.

Disabling Battery Percentage:

This may sound a bit odd, but turning off the battery percentage meter can actually increase your phone's battery life. Now, don't get me wrong. The percentage meter works fine and will not directly impact your phone's battery performance, but if you are constantly worrying about your phone's battery and you find yourself checking the battery percentage more often than not, then you're already decreasing your phone's battery life by checking it constantly.

Yes, in other words, this tip is more on a psychological level than the other way around, so if you do find yourself constantly checking your battery percentage, then try disabling it and stop worrying about it. Simply go to "Settings" > "General" > "Usage", and you'll find the option of disabling the percentage.

Visiting an Apple Store:

If you're still having issues with your iPhone's battery, then you might be interested in learning that Apple has recently acquired /developed a new "Extended Battery Life Test" that can be used by iOS technicians from the Genius Bar to determine with a detailed report whether or not your smartphone's battery life is sub-par.

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