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    This Monday Apple released the first iOS 8 Beta 1 version. If you want to install it on your iPhone, you should first make sure that you have a registered UDID of your phone. Do not underestimate the importance of UDID registration: without registering your phone’s UDID, you will have hard time upgrading to iOS 8 Beta 1.

    If your UDID is not registered yet, we highly recommend registering it with our friends at UDiDFree.com. You can register UDID at an affordable price or completely free at UDiDFree.com. If you, just like almost everyone we know, like free stuff, you should go ahead and register your UDID for free. You might wonder how UDiDFree.com is able to offer a free UDID registration to their customers. The answer is far from the complicated one: UDiDFree.com has partnered with a popular and well-known e-commerce website TrialPay. At TrialPay consumers receive free things in exchange of completing one offer by TrialPay sellers.

    So, all you have to do to get your free UDID is to complete any free TrialPay offer. After one offer had been completed, UDiDFree.com will send you an email with detailed instructions on how to register UDID for free. UDiDFree.com offers instant and free UDID registrations.

    Just remember: before proceeding with UDID registration of your iPhone – make sure that you know UDID of your phone. UDID is a 40 character unique number that every Apple device has.

    If you are still stuck with a locked phone, you can also unlock a phone for free at UDiDFree.com. Unlocked phones offer a few awesome advantages over the locked ones: unlocked phones have a higher resale value, they can be used anywhere in the world by changing SIM cards in the phone and, finally, unlocked phones can be used with any service provider available at your location.

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