iOS 8 Beta 1 was released this Monday and currently available for the download. Before you jump to download the most anticipating bran new Apple operating system, you should make sure that you’re your iPhone’s UDID is registered.

UDID registration might cost you plenty of money, however, our friends at offer a free UDID registration to their customers. And you can surely become of them. If you want to register UDID at, you simply need to complete any free offer provided by one of the biggest payment platform TrialPay. TrialPay concept is to give free goodies to the customers who complete offer by TrialPay merchants. So, just go ahead, choose any free offer that appeal to you and complete it. Offer completion will take a few minutes and when you are done, will send you an email with the details on how to register your UDID free. So, just follow the instructions and register UDID free of charge within a few minutes.

UDID registration process at is so EASY that anyone with an Internet connection can do it.
Important reminder: before you proceed with UDID registration of your phone, make sure that you know your device’s unique UDID code. You can get it by syncing your iPhone with iTunes or by downloading any free UDID application.

Once your UDID is registered, you can go ahead and upgrade to iOS 8 Beta 1.

Furthermore, if you iPhone is still locked to a certain service provider, you can unlock a phone for free at Unlocked phones can be used with any service provider available in your city and the great way to make some cash if you ever want to sell your unlocked iPhone. Unlocked phones cost a significantly higher price than the locked phones of the same model.

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