Apple announced many exciting features of iOS 8 on the Worldwide Developers Conference that took place last week. The new features include: Health application, Family Sharing, improved Siri, battery usage indicator, new keyboard, new camera features, iCloud Photo Library, Interactive Notifications, TouchID for apps and many others.
iOS 8 will be released to the public sometime in the early fall, but you can get a sneak peak by installing iOS 8 Beta version on your phone. iOS 8 Beta 1 version has been released to the public on June 2 and now available for download on Apple’s website.

If you want to upgrade to iOS 8 Beta 1, do not forget to register UDID first. UDID registration is the important first step in installing iOS 8 Beta 1 on your Apple device: without it, it will be almost impossible to install iOS 8 Beta 1 on your iPhone. UDID registration prices vary and can cost quite bit. However, our friends at will be happy to register your UDID for free.

To get your UDID registered at, simply complete one free TrialPay offer. It will only take a couple of minutes to complete one offer and once you have finished completing the offer, will send you an email with your order information and the instructions on how to register UDID for free.

That’s it: just follow the email instructions, register your phone’s UDID and upgrade to iOS 8 Beta 1.
UDID is a 40 character unique code that any Apple device has. You can get your phone’s unique UDID by synching your phone with iTunes.

Moreover, if your iPhone is still locked to one phone provider, you have a chance to unlock your phone for free at

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