Apple introduced its new operating system iOS 8 on June 2 and released iOS 8 Beta 1 on the same day. iOS 8 Beta 1 is now available for download on Apple website.

Apple will probably release iOS 8 Beta 2 versions as early as this Saturday. So, we recommend you to watch out for this release. If not Saturday, we are positive that iOS 8 Beta 2 will be out sometime next week.

If you have not upgraded to iOS 8 Beta 1 yet, we recommend doing it a.s.a.p. since it will expire on July 16, 2014.
The easiest way to upgrade to iOS 8 Beta 1 is to register UDID of your phone first. UDID registration might cost you a few dollars, but you can get it for free at our friend’s website offers affordable and free UDID registration to their customers.

If you want to register your UDID for free, choose any free offers by e-commerce platform TrialPay, complete them and wait for your confirmation email from will send you a detailed email with your order details and the guide on how to activate UDID fast and for free. Just follow the instructions and your UDID will be registered.

Once your UDID is registered you can easily download and upgrade to iOS 8 Beta 1 or iOS 8 Beta 2. can also unlock your iPhone for free. So, if you happen to have a locked iPhone and wish to unlock it, will get your phone unlocked within a few minutes.

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