Apple just released iOS 8 Beta 3 version last week and it is available to download at the Apple’s website. If you have not upgraded to iOS 8 Beta 3 yet, it is the time to do it. Moreover, our friends at can help you to upgrade to and install the third Beta version of iOS 8 fast and easy. As you know, before installing any Beta versions, you should make sure that your device’s UDID is registered. Without a prior UDID registration, it will be quite challenging to install iOS 8 Beta 3 on your Apple device.

However, at you are not only able to register UDID fast and easy; you are also able to register your UDID for free. To get your free UDID registration, visit the site and complete any product offer by an e-commerce platform TrialPay. You can choose any offer available on the site.

After you have completed the offer, make sure to check your email for the confirmation email from with the detailed instructions on how to register your UDID and install iOS 8 Beta 3.

iOS 8 Beta 3 includes the following new and improved features:
1. New beta versions of Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps that now allow to transfer the friends list to an iCloud account if needed
2. Handoff feature that allows the automatic transfer of tasks between iOS and OS X
3. iCloud Drive: you now can upgrade to iCloud Drive in order to store any files you want
4. Custom Keyboards
5. WiFi Calling
6. Messages: now your audio and video messages can be automatically kept on the phone if this option is chosen

If these features sound great to you, upgrade to iOS 8 Beta 3 right now

At you can also unlock an iPhone for free. So, if your iPhone is still locked, unlock it for free today!

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