The fifth Beta version of iOS 8 was released last Monday. iOS 8 Beta 5 is now available for a download on the Apple website.

iOS 8 Beta 5 has a few changes and improvements that were not found in previous Beta versions. Below you will find the list of major improvements and fixes found in the fifth Beta version:
1. In the Settings the iCloud icons have been modified to accommodate iCloud related apps, such as Backup, Drive, Keychain and etc.
2. SMS Relay feature is now available on iOS 8 Beta 5
3. In the Health app support for Spirometry lung test has been added and new icons have been added
4. “Last Updated” Notification to inform where the pictures were last synced is added to Apple’s photos app
5. In the Keyboard a new feature that allows to turn predictive text off and on is added
6. A Restoration of an iCloud backup on the same device the backup took place now works in the Beta 5 version.
7. AVCapture is fixed in iOS 8 Beta 5
8. The error that occurred in landscape orientation has been fixed
9. The Thai system font is bigger now and easier to read
10. iAd Videos now can be played in NPR HLS station
11. Errors found in the Music app, such as lack of response after downloading an album have been fixed
12. Other features and improvements

If you know other great features and improvements found in iOS 8 Beta 5, let us know in the comments section below. Of course, a few bugs will be found in iOS 8 Beta 5 as well and it is to be expected. Let us know about any bugs you have discovered in the fifth Beta in the comments below.
Overall, iOS 8 Beta 5 sounds like a lot of fun and we are one more step closer to the final iOS 8 version that will be released sometime this fall.

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