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    Bob Tucson
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    Does anyone have an idea how to unlock a Verizon iphone 4 so I can change providers? I am out of contract and one provider said Verizon would unlock it for me for free, however at the Verizon store they said Verizon phones cannot be unlocked to change providers. Anyone have this experience and know how to unlock my phone to change providers.

    Thanks a bunch!! Bob Tucson

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    Re: Verizon iPhone 4: unlocking/changing providers

    Unfortunately with the Verizon iPhon 4 you can't unlock it to other providers. The Verizon one is CDMA only. You would need a completely different GSM iPhone 4 to do this. The same goes for the 4s. It wasn't until the iPhone 5 did the Verizon version have both antennas.

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