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    I am planning to buy a new smartphone, probably as early as today. I currently have a 16 GB iPhone 5 and it is getting really slow, and battery life drains too fast. The one I intend to buy is a 64 GB iPhone 6. It has a great size and seems awesome, with the exception of battery life, which seems to be crappy.

    The thing is, the iPhone 6 is insanely expensive here in Brazil. The minimum prices are as follows (these are not the prices suggested by Apple, which are even higher; these are the cheapest models I managed to find for each model):

    16 GB iPhone 6: US$ 1100
    64 GB iPhone 6: US$ 1250
    128 GB iPhone 6: US$ 1400
    16 GB iPhone 6 Plus: US$ 1250
    64 GB iPhone 6 Plus: US$ 1400
    128 GB iPhone 6 Plus: US$ 1700

    The prices are very high because of the huge taxes charges by the government (the prices are a little lower than they used to be because the US dollar has gone up in the last few days). Anyway, the iPhone is the most expensive smartphone here. All Android phones are much less expensive.

    Here is a list of the Android phones I managed to find:

    LG G3: US$ 570
    Samsung Galaxy Alpha
    Samsung Galaxy S5 (16 GB): US$ 690
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (32 GB): US$ 950
    Motorola Moto G: US$ 270
    Motorola Moto X: US$ 500
    Motorola Droid Turbo (64 GB) (called Moto Maxx here): US$ 770
    Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (16 GB): US$ 580
    Sony Xperia Z3 (16 GB): US$ 725

    All of them, even the flagship Android phones, are much cheaper than the iPhone; and Windows phones follow the same pattern.

    The thing is, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 last year to replace my iPhone 4s (about june 2013) and I just couldn't use it. It was awkaward to hold in one hand. It was uncomfortable to use. The user interface was terrible. The software available for Android was worse and less polished than the software available for iOS. The touch screen of the S4 was not so accurate as the one in the iPhone. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S4 provided a sub-par experience compared to the iPhone; the experience was not half as polished. So, after two weeks, I gave the S4 to my mother (I cannot take the phone back to the store like in the U.S.; here, if I take it out of the store, it's mine forever). Then, I bought an iPhone 5, which is the one I want to replace now.

    Now, it's time to replace my iPhone again and I am just wondering.

    I look at several smartphones in the stores, and they all look great and nice, and are much cheaper than the iPhone. And they seem to provide a much better battery life than the iPhone, which is something critical (as I must carry chargers with me all day to provide extra battery). I used the Nexus 5 of a friend for a few minutes and it felt very good and polished and all; and it was way cheaper than an iPhone (the Nexus 5 is not available for sale anymore here in Brazil).

    But, at the same time, I wonder whether I will feel the same lack of polish that I felt after using the S4 for a couple of weeks back in 2013. I know the Android phones must have improved, and that Android and software available to it must have improved as well. Or that there may be smartphones more comfortable to use than the S4. An Android phone is cheaper, but if the experience is crap again, then I will end up buying another iPhone anyway.

    So, what would you recommend? Has Android phones improved a lot since last year? Given my experience, should I go with the iPhone 6 or should I try another Android phone?

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    Re: iPhone 6, is it worth 150-200% the price of Android high-end phones?

    To be honest ...I have An S5 I have an Iphone6 And i have a chinese high end phone...U can guess which one is the best...
    I let u know the chinese Bought on ebay . It have the new mtk chip which is just came out (2.5Ghzx8core). 3gb of ram.2K screen. not jsut full hd etc... 25MP cam or 27idk ...Aaand it was at lower price as the S5...Pf. and way better...

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    Re: iPhone 6, is it worth 150-200% the price of Android high-end phones?

    Getting an Android phone is totally worth it. You have customization and freedom with android

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