How does it work?

Simple.Go to our website All you need is give us the IMEI of the phone and model.
3 to 7 days later after receive our email with confirmation, your phone is unlock !
Then just need to connect your phone to ITUNES.

iPhone 6 Unlocking Instructions:

1. Press *#06# to find your iPhone’s IMEI number
2. Place your order here: Unlock iPhone
3. Once finished processing you will receive and email from us saying “UNLOCKED”
4. Now do the following below:

- Then, install last version of iTunes
- Make sure your itunes is the latest verision
- Connect phone to iTunes with not accepted (not valid) simcard
- Wait until itunes detects phone
- Now disconnect your iPhone and then reconnect after 10 seconds.
5. Your iPhone 6 is factory Unlocked!

To get your iPhone 6 Factory Unlocked you can place your order here:

Unlock iPhone 6 Now!

100% Guaranteed to Permanently Unlock your iPhone 6 to work on other GSM Networks!

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