For some misterious reasons regarding my old ID apple (currently i have a new one) and all related apps, it's been 1 month that i don't access to Wechat, a really disaster.
I could easily uninstall the app and download it again but in this way would lose all history chat and don't want that.
I have 3,8 GB of history in the app, don't want at all to lose all this, i can't.
I backed up the app including data and that has been possible only with 1 software, iClover, the only program able to back up such a big file's data, all the others data transfer softwares available on the web did not manage to do anything, some of them because of limitations in the features, some of them because of the file size.
But unfortunately not even iClover is able to restore the history in other devices, just the app without data. I have tried many times, the process takes 1 hour and makes you think is going to be succesfull but at the end nothing, just the app.
I backed up the "ipa" file on my pc and then tried to restore on Ipod touch and Ipad, that works with other apps with the same problem, but not Wechat.
I spent almost 1 month doing these experiments but nothing, no way. It is really frustrating, this app seems to be different than any other app, i am pretty sure about that.
There is no way to manage such a big data file, if i browse the app on pc i can't see clearly the history chat as it is all decrypted, i see many folders and files but are all decrypted.
I am not sure 100% but i think the history should be inside the folder "Documents", and maybe also in other folders, the last attempt i wanna last copy with explorer the folder Documents from Iphone to Pc, and then from Pc to the Ipad but i am not sure if this can really work and also not sure if the history is just in that directory or even others, and which ones.
I really hope someone can help me...
I am desperated and really frustrated, 1 month out of Wechat is a problem for my social life and even for my job, it is a damage.
How to extract the history chat without the cloud system?? How to manage 3,8 GB of data?? It seems to be impossible!!

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