iPhone 7 release date

If we were betting people we'd say the iPhone 7 will probably arrive in September 2016.

Apple tends to stick to a schedule, and the last few iPhones were launched in September.

But according to a 'reliable source' Apple might actually bring it to market earlier.

Sadly, how much earlier is unclear, but it will take a while to even finish development and

manufacture of the phone, so we wouldn't expect to see it before the summer.

There are numerous reports pointing towards an Apple event in March, although the iPhone 7

is highly unlikey to make an appearance then. We'll probably see the iPad Air 3, iPhone 5SE

and Apple Watch 2 instead.

iPhone 7 design

The iPhone 6S looked a lot like the iPhone 6, but it's likely to be all-change with the

iPhone 7. Exactly what form that change will take remains to be seen, but there are some


For one thing, it could be even slimmer than the 7.1mm-thick iPhone 6S; Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI

Securities reckons it'll be dropping to between 6mm and 6.5mm thick. That sounds

unnecessarily slim to us, especially as it could cause the battery life to take a hit, but

the Samsung Galaxy S6 is only marginally thicker at 6.8mm, so it's possible.

If TSMC makes the chips, as has been rumored, then some space could be saved, which might

help Apple slim it down without making sacrifices in other areas.

Another rumor suggests the iPhone 7 will have an all-metal design with a bezeless display.

It would be a big change for the iPhone design, but bringing in a new kind of screen

technology would be a sensible move for Apple.

iPhone 7 screen

The iPhone 7 could be in for a big resolution jump if a DigiTimes source is to be believed,

as Apple is apparently likely to move to glass-on-glass screens, which in turn opens up the

possibility of a QHD or even a 4K display.

A lot of Android phones already have QHD screens, and the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is 4K, so

it's possible that Apple will pump up the resolution of its next flagship, but given that

the iPhone 6S isn't even 1080p we're sceptical that it'll get anywhere near 4K.

iPhone 7 rivals

The iPhone 7 is likely a way off yet, so it's main rivals won't have launched yet either.

But as usual Samsung is sure to be a big competitor, with the Samsung Galaxy S7 in

particular likely to give it pause.

Rumors point to a big screen, a spectacularly powerful processor and all the style and

features found in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

iPhone 7 camera and battery

Apple overhauled its camera tech for the iPhone 6S, replacing its old 8MP snapper with a

shiny new 12MP one and boosting the front-facing camera up to 5MP.

iPhone 7 OS and power

The iPhone 7 could be in for a huge performance boost, with whispers on Weibo that the

phone will pack a hexa-core A10 chip, up from just a dual-core processor in the iPhone 6S.

We're sceptical that Apple would go for that much of a jump, but it's an exciting thought.

We're not likely to see any more RAM in the iPhone 7, as Apple only just pushed the iPhone

6S up to 2GB, so it will likely stick with that for a while yet.

As for the OS, we'd expect to see the iPhone 7 land with iOS 10, since we're up to iOS 9 on

the iPhone 6S. But rumors of what we'll see in iOS 10 are thin on the ground.

iPhone 7 cost

There aren't any price rumors yet but in all likelihood the iPhone 7 will cost roughly what

the iPhone 6S currently retails for, specifically £539/$649/AU$1,079 upwards. Though if

Apple finally ditches the 16GB model the starting price might be even higher.


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