Hey guys,

So taking into account all of the rumors and leaks so far on this phone I have created this 3D rendering. I apologize for the crappy material renderings but this is meant to just get a rough idea of the phone in 3D. I mostly kept in mind the two main rumors we have heard about this phone... Similar to the iPhone 5s design and 2.5D curved glass. This is what I came up with. (minus the antenna breaks on the sides... Could not get my program to add these correctly)

Here is the 3D file in STEP format if anyone wants to make a more high quality render.
iPhone 5SE renderings (from schematics)-1.pngiPhone 5SE renderings (from schematics)-2.pngiPhone 5SE renderings (from schematics)-3.pngiPhone 5SE renderings (from schematics)-4.png
From :HCQS-CC: iPhone 5SE renderings (from schematics)

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