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    Apple will hold a conference in the spring of 2016 next week, the new iPhone 4 inches will be one of the protagonist of this conference. The recent news that on this device, Apple will not be equipped with the new human-computer interaction on the line last year --3D Touch. Analysts said this was very disappointed, but there are no users said that they would like to know whether other features will appear on the iPhone SE.

    3D Touch last year on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus first, creating a new dimension of user interaction with the phone, the screen can sense a different sense of touch pressure, but so far the technology has not yet become a trend of the outbreak sheet. Many users said they have not formed the habit of using 3D Touch, as well as some users said they did not remember another 3D Touch this feature for users who have 3D Touch features dispensable.

    From Apple's perspective, they are not supported in 3D Touch iPhone SE also have their own considerations.

    If the iPhone SE support 3D Touch, then the increase in equipment costs, the price naturally also increase, which will not be conducive to 4 inches iPhone sales. iPhone 5c is a good lesson, this product is not capable of causing consumer buying interest, in part because the price is too high.

    Apple also needs to reflect the difference between different devices. iPhone SE after all, not a flagship device, Apple needs to consider the difference between end models and high-end models, in addition to 3D Touch screen can also reflect the difference.

    In addition to the user wants to buy four inches for the iPhone, compared to 3D Touch they pay more attention might be other new features, such as Live Photo, Apple Pay and the like.

    Live Photo role is to record a motion video in 1.5 seconds before and after the picture is taken, when users click on the photograph deep, the photo will automatically play dynamic effects. Users can also set Live Photos lock screen wallpaper, ready to reproduce the dynamic moment. In addition users can also use Live Photo shared on social platforms currently support this feature more and more applications, giving users a more fun too.

    Only iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can shoot Live Photo, but all run iOS mobile device 9 are able to view Live Photo. That does not support 3D Touch for iOS 9 devices, users need to press to play Live Photo. Many users have expressed watching Live Photo photo, you can see those pictures of the scene, I heard those voices, amid the festive scene seemed to take pictures, I feel this is a very wonderful experience. So those who prefer to Live Photo to record every moment of users, this is a more important compared 3D Touch function is essential.

    Apple Pay is Apple's mobile payment service, which is now on the market the line the United States, China and so on. Apple Pay supports two payment online and offline mode, when online transactions using the iPhone Apple Pay, users do not need to open any application, no need to wake up the display, the iPhone cloud lightning pay close support POS machine and put a finger on the Touch ID, you can make payments. When in the locked state can also iPhone, double-click the HOME key to enter the Wallet, enter buy mode. Apple Pay payment process simple level it can be said that no one can be the enemy.

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    Re: Will you really disappointed If there is no 3D Touch at iPhone SE

    no bro i will be not

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