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    Apple's release of the new 4 inch iPhone SE this week, using the iPhone 5s with similar body design, while the internal specification is basically flat with the iPhone 6s, including A9 chip, 12 million pixel camera, but on this new equipment but just no see 3D Touch . Why does the iPhone SE do not support the 3D touch??

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    Re: Why does the iPhone SE do not support the 3D touch?

    All that said, the one feature that didn’t make its way into Apple’s new iPhone SE is 3D Touch, a technology Apple first introduced on the iPhone 6s this past September. While one might reflexively assume that Apple – as its prone to do – simply wants to funnel users towards its more expensive and higher-margined devices, the reality is likely bit more nuanced.
    For starters, there are cost considerations to take into account. It’s no secret that iPhone sales may decline in 2016 for the first time ever, and Apple as a result naturally wants to do all it can to keep iPhone sales figures afloat. That being the case, keeping the iPhone SE priced at an affordable level likely took priority over incorporating 3D Touch into the device. Indeed, Apple pleasantly surprised everyone when they announced that the base model iPhone SE would be available at an unsubsidized price of $399. By way of contrast, a comparable iPhone 6s will cost you about $679.

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