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    The LCDs they have replaced have shown several color dots on screen. They stated that these parts are original and they weren’t able to notice any signs of defect upon installation. They’ve been so confused as to why such situation happened. We’ve decided to inspect some parts, and our engineers found out that these “OEM iPhone LCD screens” are in fact refurbished but are still functional. This only means that the LCD screens they have are very fragile and unstable. I believe they can only remain functional for 2 months at most following a successful installation.

    There aren’t enough OEM iPhone 5 series screens in the market, which means that most of what you can find in the market aren’t original and are mostly refurbished. Since most recycled LCDs are quickly increasing in price, usually ranging from $5 per piece up to as much as $25 – $28 each, some refurbishing factories tend to go for cheap LCDs that are discolored and have broken corners as an alternative. The problem is even though these screen assembles are still functional, the damages can’t be reversed. These parts are very sensitive to the changes in the environment such as a sudden change in air pressure, temperature change, and the change of force on the screen. This in return will cause the screen to go bad within just a short time following an installation.
    damaged recycled iphone lcd screen
    Why are those defective LCDs still functional?
    Why are there a lot of experienced cellphone repair shops that are still unable to figure out defective parts? How come some suppliers are still able to sell them without any problems at all?
    The answer is because these suppliers recycled the damaged LCDs and have successfully revised the IC in the flex. This allows them to increase the voltage in the screen flex. And with a high electronic voltage, the area in the screen with the mass of color shading will tend to shine brighter, thus concealing the color dot effectively. However, this method causes the defective screen to last only for a short while, usually around 2 months at most.
    So what’s the best course of action to take?
    Due to the fact that there aren’t enough supply of OEM iPhone LCDs in the market and the price is increasing all of the time, along with the probability of getting yourself a defective LCD instead, you could lose time, money, and even customers if you’re not wary enough. HCQS has been continuously supplying quality and defect-free OEM screens, although it comes with a high price in order to meet the need for quality and to cope up with high demand.

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    Re: Beware of the Defective Recycled iPhone LCDs in the Market

    ok bro thanks a lot

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    Re: Beware of the Defective Recycled iPhone LCDs in the Market

    thanks this helps

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    Re: Beware of the Defective Recycled iPhone LCDs in the Market

    this is very useful. Thank you
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