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    Another update of iPhone IMEI checker

    all info and details are in this post how to check if iPhone is refurbished by IMEI

    now you will get info that phone was refurbished.

    If your phone was refurbished, info will be displayed like this

    IMEI	0132020084xxxxx
    Model	iPhone 4S
    Serial number	DQGLQ0Txxxx
    Find My iPhone	OFF
    Refurbished by Apple	YES
    Warranty	Expired
    Tech support	Expired
    Warranty start	2012-06-15
    Warranty end	2013-06-14
    Lock status	UNLOCKED

    See More: How to check if iPhone was refurbished
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    Re: How to check if iPhone was refurbished

    Why would you need to know if it's refurbished?

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