We are proud to announce, that we have a new function available for our customers.

Before, you could check the network of your iPhone, or if the device is blacklisted.

However after ordering the network check, you will also receive additional information, about your iPhone's history.

When was it activated, was it ever network unlocked or a brand new feature, was it ever refurbished.

What does refurbished mean? Well it is very simple.

Refurbished means a device that had a case replaced, maybe a new battery or some other parts replaced.

It doesn't mean that the whole device was replaced, only its parts.

This information might be very usefull, for all people who buy used devices, and want to know as much as possible about their new iPhone.

If you are interested in using our new function, please use the link below

Apple iPhone network finder - sim-unlock.net

We also provide network unlocking options for all iPhone models like

iPhone 6

How to unlock Iphone 6 - sim-unlock.net

Iphone 5

How to unlock Iphone 5 - sim-unlock.net

and many more.

Please check our website if you wish to make any model network free


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