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    Hi people, I am from Hawaii. So I found my broken iPhone 6 the other day. It's smashed up to hell the screen still turns on after charging it for a while but you can't make out anything on the screen. And if I try iTunes it wants me to enter the password on the phone to allow me to get at the pictures and stuff but obviously the screen is unresponsive. I have no idea what my iCloud password is. What should I do? I found TCAWireless as the best place which provides solutions to such problems. Not sure what to do. Should I go to Apple store. Any feasible idea?

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    Re: Broken iPhone 6 Recovery options?

    Nope, you can do anything to it unless you repair it. That is why backing of up your important data is always important.

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    Re: Broken iPhone 6 Recovery options?

    To recover them , you can try scanning the iPhone device ,at least , the lost data may be back

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    Re: Broken iPhone 6 Recovery options?

    Hey, Thom_me! sorry to hear about your device, It is very frustrating to have such a device with all of your precious data on it! A couple of questions, what did you plan on doing with the phone? grab data? contacts? Photos? or just to use it again? because if the screen is damaged, fixing it is no problem, of course there would be a price to replace the screen but if its just to get your icloud off of the device, you could simply just contact apple or go to them and go through a series of questionares about your old icloud account and they could access that for you. If you are unsure about any of the credentials for your old cellphone, then you are looking at a "bricked" device. icloud unlocking servies are out there, but they cost alot of money, and the risk of getting scammed is very high, so I wouldnt advise that, mind as well purchase a new device. Hopfully my input helps you out on what you decide to do with your device!

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    Re: Broken iPhone 6 Recovery options?

    Sorry about it, you should backup your data with iTunes or iCloud

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