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    Why do iPhones get slow?

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    Re: Why do iPhones get slow?

    It's not only iPhones problem its all phones problem with time the processor becomes too weak.

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    Re: Why do iPhones get slow?

    This happens because iOS gets more complex, provides more features and thus requires more resources. At some point when the iPhone ages too much the processing power isn't enough anymore and the Apple smartphone will 'slow down'. All gadgets have this problem. However, Apple's iPhone is one of the best aging smartphone on the market. That's confirmed by the resell value of older models, when compared to similar aged smartphones from their categories. iOS is highly optimized to use as less resources as possible and that's why, for example the upcoming iOS 14 is compatible with the 2015 released iPhone SE and iPhone 6S models. That's the latest iOS generation working good on a 5-year old iPhone, something that's hard to find with other smartphones on the market!

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