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    Hello, guys and dolls

    I have this IPhone 6s which has two problems:

    (1) Occasionally the Home button does not turn on the screen and I have to leave it alone for about 15 min for it to start working properly again despite the fact that the (original) battery is 100% charged.

    (2) In an attempt to solve the above problem I updated the software to version 14.5 but after half a day the mobile still tells me that "there are 18 minutes left" to complete the installation of the new software.

    How do I solve all this?

    Thanks a lot and best regards

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    Re: IPhone 6s is whimsical

    você pode tentar fazer um hard reset via DFU (Device Firmware Update)
    aqui está a instrução mobilespecs.net/phone/Apple/Apple_iPhone_6s/faq/335.html

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