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    I'm new to your forum and there is one thing I've learned from forums over the years is that I usually get the best answers from them. Here's my problem:

    Over the past couple of months, I've received calls on my cell phone from people saying that I called them when I have not. It happened this morning for the fourth time. A lady said that I called her several times this morning when I did not. I called AT&T about the problem previously and they said that their only solution was for me to change my phone number. I really don't want to. I called AT&T again this morning and they said that they would investigate. Both agents I talked to said that they have never heard of this problem. My phone bill is not out of order and as far as I can tell, these numbers that I supposedly call do not show up on my bill. AT&T sent me a new 3G SIM card a few months ago. Could that have some cause? The agent today said no.

    Has anyone heard of this problem or have any suggestion as to what is causing it and what the remedy is? Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: Phantom calls on my AT&T Account

    It could be that someone with an Internet phone is spoofing your number through Caller ID.
    Earl F. Parrish

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    Re: Phantom calls on my AT&T Account

    Millions of people have Internet telephone equipment that can be set to make any number appear on a Caller ID system. And several Web sites have sprung up to provide Caller ID spoofing services, eliminating the need for any special hardware.

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