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    Hello, I'm a new member here.... first question!

    I live in a rural area (in a valley, actually) and have an iPhone (although other members of my family have other models of phones and have the same problem). Cell phone reception where I live is abysmal. I can get reception occasionally (one bar), but I usually end up missing and dropping calls. It's extremely frustrating.

    I was wondering if there was any way I could boost the signal so that I would actually be able to walk around my house and get consistent cell phone reception.


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    Re: Better Reception in a Rural Area

    I both live and work in areas with very poor reception. Places where there is either no nearby towers or surrounded by trees. I have used a booster unit for several years. Mine is an older one and has to have the booster plugged into an external antenna port. Not all phones have these. Wireless boosters also exist. Both types work very good. Here are two suppliers.



    I deliberately have not posted them as links, I don't like them.


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    Re: Better Reception in a Rural Area

    Have been looking at ways to increase my signal, both to my phone and data card, while living in a remote area. From what I've found on the net, boosters have to be plugged into the phone, etc, and don't require as good a signal as repeaters which are still wireless in the immediate area.

    I get maybe one bar standing on my motorhome, but noticed several places on the net want to sell an antenna, either a 'yagi' or a panel, etc.

    My question is why wouldn't a galvanized metal roof pointing toward the signal area be the same as a panel antenna. I don't mind being a cheapskate if it works and my roof is much bigger than small panel(6x10"). Hoping to use a repeater so will have access inside and in the immediate area outside a small cabin.

    I'll check some of those sites mentioned on the forum. If y'all come up with an answer I'll be looking.

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