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    I called my service provider because I don't have a signal on my phone today.They said there is a major outage in Florida.Has anyone else experienced problems making calls today? Monday 4/13/09

    See More: AT&T service outages

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    Re: AT&T service outages

    AT&T is having NATIONAL coverage issues.

    T-Mobile is also in the same boat.

    Right now, AT&T is focusing all of their resources on the California Cable Cutters who cut several fiber optic lines which was intending to put AT&T out of coverage. The culprits succeeding but other national carriers went down with them. AT&T still has yet to recover their lost coverage; however, the other carriers have recovered theirs.

    When they fix this issue, then they'll worry about the rest of the country.
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    Re: AT&T service outages

    Yep, I think it has something to do with AT&T employees loosing health care coverage when they retire. That and a few other things contributing to the outages.

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