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    I have a question about the Family Talk Share Plans.

    Here is the situation. I work for a small business, we currently have 13 cellphones with Sprint and 1 with AT&T. We are reducing the number of phones to 5. Thus we will be moving 4 from Sprint to AT&T.

    The one phone with AT&T is currently on a Business Premier unlimited plan, which is billed to the company.

    The business rep has suggested, 2 phones on a 3000 minute plan ($140) with roll over and 2 phones on a second 3000 minute plan ($140) with roll over and leaving the current phone alone ($99). All this on the business shared plans. So $379.

    I have come across the Family Share Plans, there is an unlimited share for 119, 2 lines and 49 each for the next three lines. This would be much cheaper and provided unlimited minutes. So 5 lines would be 266. Plus for $30 you can get unlimited txt for all 5 on the plan

    So as a business can we get a Family Share Plan?? And have it billed to the bussiness or would it have to be in an individuals name?

    Would I be better off trying this over the phone, or in person at a company store. I wont be doing this until mid March (that when the sprint contract expires)

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    Re: Family Talk Share Plans for a Business

    The short answer is yes. The Small Business plans are usually easier to add more than 5 lines too, so I am sure that is why the business rep. led you in that direction. You can have up to 5 lines on the Family Share plan, and it will be cheaper for you. If you ever go above the 5 lines you will have to start a separate plan with it's own minute "pool", for the next 5 lines.
    Make sure to have them get you set up for the Small Business Discount plan, or "ANB Contract" this will get certain fees waived and on adding your 5th line will give you and all employees under your "fan code" a 8% discount.

    Hope this helps,


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