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    I'm thinking of changing my number(I have at&t) I use to have verizon and I once changed my number and out of curiosity called my old number and it gave a message like welcome to verizon the number you have called has been changed,disconnected, etc.. I was wondering does At&t have a specific message like that to let people know my number is no longer in use?? Thanks.

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    Re: Changing your phone number

    Yes, all phone companies have that if you call a number that is no longer in service.

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    Re: Changing your phone number

    With this Att&t it is so easy to change your phone number. Always remember to call the hotline and request for one. However, if you do not get any live deathening threats or something they will not change your number for free. If this number is recycled meaning owned by someone before hand and people are pestering you then they will change it for free. But, of course if it is just for personal use then they will charge you $20. However, there is always a one time courtesy that you can ask for

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