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    So I am due for a new phone. I decided I wanted an Android but don't really like the Aria and I've had bad experiences with Samsung. I heard about the new Dell Smartphones coming out....specifically I was interested in the Thunder and planned to wait for it to come out, but my current phone is literally on its last legs and I can't wait much longer, so I turned my attention to the Aero.

    It is plenty of phone for me in my opinion and I watched the market closely to follow its release, which was set for August 9th. A lot of site say it is already out, calling it a successful launch, but ATT doesn't have it on its site, about 75% of the time the actual ATT page for the Aero is down for "maitenance", and on Dell's website its still promoting it as "coming soon".

    I honestly can't wait much longer. My phone is such a piece of junk. Does anyone know if I can't get this thing soon?

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    Re: Where the heck is the Dell Aero?

    The latest reviews form phonedog.com claims that the Dell aero is a piece of crap. Maybe you need to look onward. I don't know what bad experience you have had with Samsung but they are one of the best companies out there. Given that that doesn't mean they are perfect. I recommend giving them a second chance and dint buy the cheapest thing you can get your hands on.

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