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    5 cities will soon get the 4G this summer with AT&T. AT&T has already had the 4G for a few months already thanks to its HSPA+ network. The 5 cities who will be included in the 4G network area will include: Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and San Antonio.

    Here we are almost mid year into 2011 and AT&T is startiting to bring its 4G to cities. They were suppose to have already had this happening and were suppose to be already serving around 70 million Americans by the end of the year and it looks like they are a little behind due to the fact that AT&T had to change their plans because they didn't want to be the only company to offer HSPA+ and LTE at the same time.

    20 new 4G devices are also planned to be launched by AT&T, with the 4G capability, by the end of this year and some which will include LTE. AT&T plans on adding ten or more cities to its LTE network if the other 5 cities launches with no problems.

    via:AT&Tís 4G Evolution

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