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    I have moved oversea since July this year. Since there is no plan to move back, I want to transfer my AT&T contract to anyone who is interested.

    I was advised by AT&T customer rep that I can transfer my plan to other people. The new plan owner can choose to buy a new device and sign up a new 2-year plan, or continue with the rest of the contract (about 1.5 year left). In either case, the new plan owner will keep the unlimited data plan (as you know, it is no longer offered to new customer), and change/keep the phone number.

    Please contact me if you are interested
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    Thank you

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    Re: Unlimited Data Plan from AT&T transfer

    I will Sticky this thread for 30 days
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    Re: Unlimited Data Plan from AT&T transfer

    When you transfer financial responsiblity, only the voice plan transfers with AT&T. The features are not part of the contract. The new owner would have to subscribe to currently available features.
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    R U still looking to transfer your AT&T Data Plan?

    Have you moved overseas yet? Well, if you're still interested in someone buying you out of your contract, I'm definitely interested. I ws grandfathered in for a long time and then made the mistake of cutting back on my cell phone bill right when AT&T decided not to offer unlimited data and I could never Switch-Back. Anyway, from everything I've been reading, there does seem to be a way to transfer the plan but I think it will require a few more steps than the AT&T guy explained. I'd be more than happy to pay you so we can both walk away from this happy. Let me know if you're still looking to do this. I doubt I'll be back on this blog anytime soon, so best bet is to text me at (three-one-0) three-one-0, one-one-6-one. Hope to hear from u!

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    Re: R U still looking to transfer your AT&T Data Plan?

    Please be aware that the unlimited data plan will not follow the account. When you take over the contract, based on the device you use you will need to choose a current data and messaging plan. Also be aware when you take over the contract that someone else had you should already have a phone. Most carriers offer discounted phones in exchange for a contract and AT&T is no exception. There is a reason a carrier will give you a $500.00 phone for $50.00. They take a loss on the phone based upon you paying for a service over a 24 month span. The first bit of your contract they really do not make any money from you, it is only after you are well into your contract that you become profitable to them. So for whatever the duration of that contract is you are looking at ensuring you have a phone that works and depending on the length of the contract may not be elig. to upgrade for a while. Also putting your cell number in a public forum is never a wise idea, something I would recommend avoiding at any rate.
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