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    Hello all,
    My kid is desperately wanting/needing a new phone. She previously had a LG Neon which of course had it's issue and eventually died and she was forced to move to a Samsung Flip Phone (Go Phone) that we put her sim card in. I'd like for her to have something better as the Samsung is now wearing out (did good for a 9.00 phone) and she likes the Samsung a187 that is a Go Phone as well. My concern is wether AT&T will consider this a 'Smartphone' despite it's Go Phone homage tack the internet plan on to it. I know it's supposed to only support EDGE and not 3g. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Is the Samsung a187 considered a smart phone by AT&T?

    The Samsung SGH-A187 is what AT&T calls a Quick Messaging Device. It does not require a data plan. Since children do a lot of messaging, the unlimited messaging plan for $20.00 is the only option except pay-per-use. If you already have Family Messaging for $30, there is no extra charge for up to five lines on one FamilyTalk voice plan. With unlimited Messaging, a unlimited data plan is $10.00 more.
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